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Marion High School Field Biology: Fall 2005

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GPS Units


What is a GPS unit?

A GPS unit also known as a global positioning system, is used to pinpoint your exact location. Your location is given to you in latitude and longitude coordinates. These coordinates are found through the use of satellites in space, that orbit the earth and connect to the GPS unit.


Procedures for using a GPS unit

First you want to turn the GPS unit on. Then after it is on make sure you're outside so that you can get acquired. When you get acquired that means you are connected to a satellite. You know that you are connected by the bars that should appear on the screen.


Data Collected During Some Scavenger Hunts That Used GPS

Throughout the term our class did some scavenger hunts where we were given a list of locations, a GPS unit, and a digital camera. During the hour we were to find all of the locations and gather the information of the location off of the GPS unit. Also we took pictures of the things we found. Here are some of the locations we found at several different places...


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Ashley Murray
Fall 2005