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Marion High School Field Biology: Fall 2005

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Cleaning Up Hannah Park!

Along with observing the wildlife in the area and testing the water we do stream clean-ups. Many of these areas are in desperate need of being cleaned up. People many times don't really see the importance of keeping these areas clean and carelessly litter. Sometimes people even go as far as dropping off tires and other larger items. This pollution is harmful and deadly to the stream and the wildlife in and around it.

When we cleaned up Hannah Park we all got into the water with trash bags and searched the banks and in the water for trash. I didn't find much trash other than a few wrappers, paper cups, and some softballs. A few others found tires, a large traffic cone, and some large steel rods.

It's very important for everyone to remember not to litter and to see the importance of every habitat. Everything in this world of ours is connected and one little upset in this connection could be tragic. As dramatic as that sounds it's the simple truth, and everyone needs to open there eyes to see it. So the next time you see trash don't over look it...pick it'll be glad you did.





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Ashley Murray
Fall 2005